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Inspirational Stories to Plan Your Unique Path


Are you thinking about pursuing higher education or a career?
Do you wish someone would give you a road map to help with your questions, doubts, and fears?

In Camino Forward, Miguel Romano, Jr., collects the experiences of community leaders who overcame financial, educational, and cultural challenges to lead inspirational lives and careers.  

Camino Forward Book Cover

The life stories shared in this book will help you

About the Author


The Author Miguel Romano, Jr. and his family

Miguel Romano, Jr. is a first-generation American. He’s the first in his family to graduate from high school, college, and graduate school. Throughout his academic and professional experiences, he found himself struggling to dream of, plan for, and execute on his future. After moving to Austin, Texas, Miguel started a passion project, Camino Forward, which aims to encourage students to develop a career path by drawing inspiration from in their community through a series of speaker forums. The stories shared and lessons learned provide students a road map for their path forward. Miguel resides in Austin with his wife and two children. He also leads a nonprofit health care foundation and has served in various public and community service roles.

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Anyone planning their future (or helping someone plan theirs) will find valuable insight and perspective from the journeys of role models who once struggled with the same uncertainties that come with taking the next step forward.

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